Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pet policy?

  • Pets are permitted in the park only in designated areas, but must be leashed.
  • Pets are not allowed in the water.
  • Pets are not permitted onboard tour boats. Only legal service animals are allowed.
  • Dogs are not allowed on tubes or other rental equipment due to safety concerns.

What is the food policy?

  • No food or drinks allowed inside tubes. Food and drinks are allowed when kayaking.
  • There are accessible covered pavilions with accessible grills. All pavilions are first come, first served. There are also many grill sand picnic tables located throughout the park.
  • No alcohol permitted in park or on rentals

What is covered in admission?

Florida State Parks charges an entrance fee of $6 per vehicle. All rentals and tours are an additional fee.

Where can I swim?

Guests can swim in most areas of the springs from the shallow waters of the upper entrance, upstream to explore the depths of the spring boil, to a lazy drift down the spring run. For a map of activiites on the park refer to the State Park Map: https://www.floridastateparks.org/sites/default/files/media/file/Blue%20Spring%20-%200816.pdf

In the winter months, swimming availability is subject to change depending on manatee activity.

What do I need to know about tubing?

Tubing in the Spring is available during summer months only. Single tubes start at $7 for the first hour with double tubes starting $9.96. Guests can repeat the tube route as many times as their rental length allows. Tubing is walk-in only.

What do I need to know about kayaking?

Kayaking is allowed through the beautiful St. Johns River. Kayaks and canoes must be reserved in advance. No same day bookings available. Kayaking in the spring is prohibited.

How do I know if the park is at capacity?

Contact Florida State Parks for capacity information and status. If a reservation has been made for tour or rentals, arrive when park opens and prepare to show confirmation of booking.

Can I bring my own tube, paddleboard, kayak, etc?

  • Guests are welcome to bring their own kayaks and paddleboards and there is no launching fee.
  • Personal tubes are also allowed, however they cannot exceed 6ft tall or 6ft wide.

Do I need to wear a life vest?

Life vests are NOT required, but can be brought or rented for $10 a day. Life vests are automatically provided with canoe or kayak rentals.

Can I go hiking?

In regards to hiking, there is an accessible boardwalk which leads visitors on a self-guided tour through a lush hammock to Blue Spring.
Pine Island trail is 3.6 miles in length (one way) and takes visitors to the St. Johns River.

Will I see a manatee?

Blue Springs is a designated as a Manatee Refuge and these gentle creatures are most prominent in the spring during the winter months (November through March, depending on temperatures). There is a live webcam available during these months.

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